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A Child´s Hope Fund
Changing Lives: One Child at a Time!
What we do

Delivering ACHF’s aid is a complex process which must consider actual needs, local culture and economies, any security risks including corruption, plus accountability and transparency between partners, threats to our volunteers and local resources which can be blended with our own resources.

We choose our program and partners based on personal knowledge, site visits, references from other organizations, and a group’s capability to use our resources to best advantage for our benefic-iaries. Our resources are limited, which means we are normally unable to consider requests for aid from groups whom we do not know, nor can we give grants to individuals.

Our partners must demonstrate their willingness to be in an accountable and transparent relationship with ACHF, and to be able to offer physical, emotional, economic, social, spiritual and other resources in ways which best help our beneficiaries.

Projects 2009-2010

The people we help...

Our beneficiaries are primarily children (including orphans) ant their families. We work through local groups especially able to give a high level of personal care and attention. We call these groups "embranceable communities" because they are small enough for us to get our arms around them and given the strength needed.

Many of those we help suffer from hunger and malnutrition, or they are devastated by other serious illnesses, including cancer, diabetes and HIV-AIDS.  Whenever possible, we also give resources to help local efforts to promote health safety and awareness.

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