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A Child´s Hope Fund 
Changing Lives: One Child at a Time!
How we operate

Our field workers follow over 30 procedures to deliver a single shipment of emergency supplies from the U.S. to a foreign port - not including the additional effort (and costs) to get our goods from port to project, often over jungle roads or through an active war zone. 

Each of our projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Asking: We must be asked to help.Without that "ask", we can't possibly know what aid to deliver, where, when or to whom. ACHF never "ships for the sake of shipping".
  • Accessibility: Can our supplies be safely delivered and stored under adverse circumstances? Will local laws or practices (i.e., Customs delays or organized crime) hinder our work?
  • Acceptability: Will our efforts be accepted locally? American aid and Christian ministry are not welcomed resources in some cultures.
  • Availability: Can ACHF get appropriate resources to do our job? Can we meet the requests of our project colleagues for specific needs? We will never knowingly "ship junk".
  • Affordability: Resources must be used wisely and committed carefully. In any ACHF outreach, we strive to avoid commitments we can't meet; Solid hope isn't built on shaky promises.
  • Appropriateness: Is the proposed outreach a proper effort for a Christian ministry and a charity representing the United States of America? Would our donors be pleased or offended by a particular effort?
  • Accountability: Will our resources reach the people we are determined to help and be properly used? Will we get field reports? Are site visits possible, even in war zones? Can we meet regulatory and audit standards, both in the U.S. and overseas?

Not every group works this way, and we respect other methods. However, this approach works for us and assures our donors of their maximum positive impact on troubled lives. Our donors help deliver many positive proofs of God's love ... a measure of success no auditor, regulator or charity watchdog can measure with a calculator.

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