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A ChildĀ“s Hope Fund
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Projects 2011-2012

Below please find some background stories of selected past shipments: 

In April 2011, ACHF shipped $2,199,958 worth of essential antibiotics, blood pressure, anti-seizure and other medications from to World Harvest Christian Ministries in Liberia. After arriving, the pharmaceutical supplies were stored in a secure warehouse then distributed by delivery truck for use in local villages, hospitals and clinics. These medical centers serve the over 40,000 people in Paynesville, Liberia and Todee, Goya Town with the purpose to facilitate the goal of easier living in poverty.

ACHF delivered $4,060,631 of humanitarian aid and supplies in May 2011 to the people of Naga, Philippines served by the Compassionate Sisters of the Poor. The mixed cargo included medical supplies, rice meals and pharmaceutical medication covering a wide range of afflictions, from digestion deficiencies to allergic disorders, skin conditions, colitis, lupus and arthritis. Everything was distributed by staff and community volunteers to the sick and elderly in the medical centers, families living far below the poverty line, the many abandoned orphans of the region as well as the homeless population inhabiting the local dump sites.  

The Pimienta municipalidad in Honduras is home to 17,000 people whose monthly family income averages $60.They’re an agricultural people, far from major cities and overlooked by relief organizations, yet still very much in need. In February 2011, ACHF procured for them $2,272,167 worth of wide-ranged pharmaceutical medication.  Supervising the distribution was Dr. Raul Ugarte, a physician and Red Cross member with the knowledge to allocate the appropriate medicines to medical centers and regions where they would bring the most help. His professional network ensures wide-spread and relevant distribution within their neighboring communities serving a population of over 500,000.   

In continuing assistance of established programming developed for children’s health care, orphanages and hospice support, ACHF sent $520,687 of medication in June 2011 to the people of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They received broad-spectrum antibiotics, multi-vitamins, Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS), deworming pills and Fansidar, a medication used for the prevention and treatment of malaria. This shipment supports the whole population range, from children in school-feeding centers to the adults living in the villages. These drugs are crucial to the survival of the people who live in the 93 villages scattered throughout the country, in poverty and dangerous conditions.  

In October 2010, ACHF sent $94,095 worth of brand new Dr. Scholl’s shoes to World Harvest Christian Ministries in Monrovia, Liberia. The mixed assortment of 3,061 pairs was gratefully received and distributed by Reverend Elwood Jangaba, who wrote, “Your shoe donation has helped to heal cracked and sore feet of orphans, mothers, elderly women and young ladies from walking on the ground to fit in comfortable new shoes. The shoes have been a great blessing.”

Dehydrated soup mix, computers, sewing machines and hygiene supplies were among some of the $418,478 cargo load shipped in November 2010 to the Ministerial Development and Relief Program in Ghana. Much of the shipment went to the Liberian Refugees at Buduburam camp, where those who “can’t hustle” go to bed hungry. Mr. Alvin Gbor, the representative of the Liberian refugees has told us that now there is enough food so that the slower, elderly refugees can go to bed with peace and without hunger. He wrote that the soup mix has given them, “hope, joy and gladness in their hearts knowing someone cares for them”.

Following an earthquake in Haiti that left schools, churches and homes demolished and in ruins, ACHF responded with a $365,000 shipment in November 2010. Among the relief goods were construction machinery and tools like air compressors, drills, saws, hammers and even lumber- all sent in the spirit of restoration. The roofing materials helped rebuild four schools and churches that had been uninhabitable since the earthquake, and the clothing, shoes and food were given to families who had lost everything they owned. The local Haitians were most enthusiastic about the 30 tons of long-grain Cajun rice and 3,000 pairs of new Nike shoes.   

In the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake and flooding, diseases like cholera began to run rampant through the city. ACHF’s response to the medical situation was to send Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) to combat the deadly dehydration caused from symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. The $71,703 shipment sent 10,142 sachets of ORS, with the potential to treat thousands of people of all ages.  

In October 2010, ACHF sent a shipment to the Prahova district of Romania, an area once known for its high industrial activity in the old regime but now affected by a high rate of unemployment, with 25% of the poor population requiring immediate assistance. The $23,700 transport contained 771 pairs of new Dr. Scholl shoes that were distributed between two orphanages, three hospitals and four churches. The managers of the orphanages were very happy to receive the shoes, saying that they’ll be a wonderful support to the children in the summer.   

In July 2011, ACHF sent a $537,599 mixed cargo shipment to Zambia for distribution to the 500,000 substance farmers and market traders living in harsh, poverty-stricken conditions. Already plagued by having one of the highest lead problems in the world, their developed health care is minimal and specialized is non-existent. Medical supplies and equipment sent were distributed to Kabwe General Hospital, which serves women, children, the elderly and prisoners. Tools, sewing machines and supplies were distributed to the skills training centers, and the Children of Promise orphanage, as well as two AIDS hospices in the region, who received clothing and shoes.     

In ongoing support for the people of Monrovia, Liberia through World Harvest Christian Ministries, ACHF shipped over one million dollars’ worth of pharmaceutical medication to be distributed to the local clinics and hospitals. The shipment included oral rehydration salts to combat the dehydration effects from diarrhea, antibiotics, medications for the treatment of high blood pressure and chest pain, antiviral medications for shingles, drugs for the treatment of Hepatitis C and more. The wide range of pharmaceuticals will cover an even wider range of patients and their afflictions.  

In 2012, ACHF sent a $370,732 shipment of assorted medication to the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in Naga City, Philippines. Among the medications donated by the National Cancer Coalition were those that treat osteoporosis, high blood pressure and heart failure, fever blisters and shingles, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, heartburn and stomach ulcers. Patients in Naga City suffering through these maladies will soon know the relief found in proper treatment.
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